Thursday, October 15, 2009


People have asked me in the past why I read books more than once. Some people are avid readers who apparently are satisfied with reading a book only once and others almost never read for fun. There really is only one way I have been able to answer this question that actually conveys what i am trying to say.

Imagine that you are starving. Not like you ate four hours ago and are peckish, but that you haven't eaten anything in some ridiculous amount of time like 24 hours. Now imagine that right in front of you is your favorite meal, for me it would be ooey gooey macaroni and cheese and maybe some pizza, but please feel free to imagine your own yummy concoction. When you sit down to eat this meal while you are as hungry as you are, you probably will eat as fast as you can just to get it in. Reading is like that for me.

Reading a book, a really good one anyway, for the first time is like I have been starving. I shove as much in at a time as I can just because I can't wait to be satisfied. Once i am done with the book the first time through I full. I have read through as fast as I can and have satiated my need for the moment. But, like our bodies, my mind gets hungry again, never as bad as the first time, there is no starvation with the second read through but I take my time reading and tasting each morsel to satisfy something else. To really learn this piece of work, to take in the subtle nuances of flavor. And each read through after satisfies me just a little more than the time before so sooner or later I am walking around with a belly stuffed full of wonderfulness.

Not every book is like that for me, of course, though I will try any book once. Some are like cooked cauliflower, I just cannot get through it, and others are like a juicy steak, I have eaten it before and don't ever plan on eating it again.

On another note NaNoWriMo is almost here!! This is my first time participating and I am so excited! My fingers are crossed, I am going to try to get all of my homework for November done before it starts so I can focus on WriMo. Wish me luck.