Monday, November 9, 2009

A little bit of Jared Leto for you. You're welcome! I was searching for an image that showed nervousness and this is what came up. I had to post a picture of Jordan Catalano. He was one big reason I watched My So Called Life. Super pretty! I wanted to post this just because. And it makes me feel like I am fifteen again. Not that I ever want to go back there.

So, I know that I am an awful blog writer. It has been nearly a month since my last post. I feel a smidge like I am in confession right now, well how I would imagine it to be since I am not actually Catholic. I am going to try to post every few days. Try!

Anyways, yesterday I went to my first write-in for Nano. I loved meeting other writers and getting to talk to them about something I am passionate about that they were too. Some of their novels sounded so great I can't wait to read them.

Since I am getting ready to graduate I am getting a little nervous. Right now I have built in workshop, we have to do it, as nerve wracking as it is, it really helps make you better. I have been thinking about trying to put together a writing group to get together to workshop each others stories or novels. I have kind of been at a loss of how to find people who are like to me to put this thing together since in the real world I don't know writers. Nano I think might be a great way to put this together. I am however a little nervous. It is important that whoever is critiquing your work is someone you trust because things can turn real ugly real quick if it isn't. Also what is the point in having someone workshop your piece if you don't really trust their judgement. It also feels a little like you are asking someone on a date. That is how nervous this makes me, oh the possibility of rejection. I laughed even as I typed that at how silly that is. That's alright.

One of the girls that was at the write-in yesterday mentioned a website called one word which is a writing prompt website. So I might start posting some things I write from that also try to be a little better about posting for Sunday Scribblings. My prompt today was headband and written in sixty seconds:

My hair fell around the curves of my face and into my eyes. "I can't even see with this stupid headband on,"I thought. I try to shove the tangled mess back into place when the car in front of me suddenly stops. "Oh God," was the last thing that ran through my head.

Well, I will post it even if it bad, like today's.